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AMI Information

The following letter is in case of Inclimate weather or an emergency school closing:

November 12, 2018

Dear Parents:

Earlier this year, Midland School District applied for and was approved for five Alternative Method days of Instruction.  What this means is, if we cancel school due to an emergency or inclimate weather the superintendent can declare it an AMI day.  AMI days do not have to be made up at the end of the year.  The information below is the information we presented to the state for AMI approval.  If you have any questions regarding this please contact your child’s building principal or the superintendent’s office. 

The superintendent’s goal will be to use AMI days instead of cancelling school and using make-up days,                        because AMI days do provide instructional opportunities and help keep the continuity of learning in place.  If the                    district runs out of approved AMI days, and more cancellations are needed, the district will utilize make-up days.

The superintendent will ultimately decide if a cancelled school day will work as an AMI day. If a widespread illness is the reason for cancellation, the superintendent will decide if students would benefit from an AMI day or if a make-up day should be used. The superintendent will also take power outages, Internet outages, evacuations, and other events into account that might negatively impact student learning on an AMI day.  These factors will all help the superintendent decide how to designate a cancelled school day.

The Alternative Methods of Instruction (AMI) plan for Midland School District will consist of several different modalities of instruction.  In grades K-6, the AMI plan will include packets with innovative and engaging activities that will provide students with curricular choices. The learning activities within these packets will be focused mainly on enrichment, while providing students the opportunity to master important skills at a deeper level.  Teachers of record will use students’ test data to analyze areas of weakness in order to know which skills to focus on in the packets.  As is our regular practice, teachers will differentiate for their students based on needs.  Students who require accommodations or modifications will receive them as needed.

The packets for grades K-6 will be provided to each student prior to the AMI day.   Students with more than one residence will receive an additional packet for each household so that one is available in the event of bad weather or other reason for school cancellation.  Additional copies of the packets will be available in the school’s front office and on our district website. 

In grades 7-12, where students currently take home a school-owned Chromebook, the AMI plan will include instruction via Google Classroom where the students and teachers can interact within the online learning management system throughout the cancelled school day.  Links to pertinent video and other online resources will be provided for students to supplement the instruction. When the announcement is made to call an AMI day, the superintendent (or designee) will announce which day(s) the students should work on within the packet.

On AMI days, all teachers will be expected to be available by email or through Google Classroom throughout normal work hours.   

Student completion of that day’s Google Classroom assignments or AMI packet will determine if he/she is counted present on the AMI day. In the event that a student is unable to access and/or complete that day’s assignments on the actual AMI day, the building principal (or designee) will give the student a 5-day window to make up the work for that day.

If we use any AMI days this year, we will survey parents to get feedback for planning of future AMI assignments.

This is our plan to maintain a continued level of learning even when school is not in session.  Our goal is to make this a productive time for students without overbearing them at home.  The enrichment and extra work is intended to help the student in classes.  We will rely on the feedback we get from parents, teachers, and students on how we can improve this process in the future. 

Again, if you have any questions regarding this please contact the building principal of your child or the central office. 

Thank you

Dewayne Wammack, Superintendent